Complete Product Developments

Product Design

At Design and Manufacturing, we work as a full-service product design company with creativity and innovation at the core of our operations. The product planning lifecycle defines the future of your idea. It is an iteration-based approach of market research concept generation, validation, invention, planning, prototyping, and testing.

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Upon completion of prototyping and testing procedures, the manufacturing can begin with full throttle. But, you need to choose the right technologies to ensure the efficiency of this process. In this regard, our experts can guide you comprehensively. We, at Design and Manufacturing, understand the complexities of manufacturing processes.

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Rapid Product Prototyping

We are expert in building prototypes that reflect your ideas exactly as they should. These physical parts in-hand are created after every round of design in the product development process. You can use them for physically testing and evaluating your design. At Design and Manufacturing, we can build prototypes for every industry vertical to ensure the desired outcomes.

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Our Work

About Design & Manufacturing

Simplified Product Development, Significant Value Addition

Welcome to Design and Manufacturing where creative ideas are transformed into a stunning reality. We work as a full-service product development and manufacturing company in Florida. Our services are focused on a customer-oriented approach in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing a new product.

Our processes are inspired by our steadfast commitment to ensuring the best quality standards in our operations. Hence, we begin by understanding a concept. We listen carefully to our customer’s requirements and expectations. It helps in designing the products that meet these requirements. We start from the scratch and never leave your side unless your idea nears its fruition.

Make Your Product Idea Sales-Ready With Our Assistance.