• March 8, 2012
  • Posted By: admin

Design & manufacturing are the two steps that ultimately lead to the development of any product. Once the actual design of a particular product is created, the professionals figure out the perfect way of developing the actual product. Once the actual way of manufacturing a product is figured out, it becomes easier for the engineers to work on it. In the electronic age, design engineering is the concept that is concerned with the development of a sample model with its basic focus on the software architecture, data structures and other components that could make the implementation of the software convenient.

Depending on several concepts, the design engineers work. Some of them include the following:

• The software design engineers follow different levels of abstraction to create the blueprint of the software. The two most common types of abstraction that are used by the design engineering experts are data and procedural abstractions.
• Modularity enables the users to hide certain information, thereby increasing the functional independence of the product developed.
• Coupling ensures the connections that exist and need to exist between the design objects. Interaction coupling and inheritance coupling are the two of its kinds.
• Refinement is the stage where the engineers get a chance to specify the behaviour of the class or module that is created.
• With refactoring concept of design engineering, the design of the product is simplified to ensure easy accessibility for the users.

The working of the professional based on these concepts bring out the design model that consist of architectural design, data design, design of the interface and also the design of the different component levels.