Are You A Manufacturing Company?
  • Yes, we are into product design and manufacturing services. We can turn your ideas into reality with product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Our comprehensive services include source tooling, plastic molds, injection molding and assembling as well. Hence, you can rely on us to bring your unique product idea into life.
How Can I Trust You With My Concept?
  • At Design and Manufacturing, we believe that each unique idea must be protected until it culminates into an amazing product. Hence, we are always ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before discussing your project details. We ensure the confidentiality of vital data at every phase. Our employees also sign NDA to protect your idea from any threat.
What Type of Projects Do You Take Up?
  • Our portfolio is quite diversified and this satisfies our creative instincts. The projects that we take are mostly related to mechanical devices, electronics and gadgets, consumer goods, medical devices, sales displays, tools, industrial products, military equipment, architectural models, and lots more.
Being A Manufacturing Company, Why Do You Work For Product Design And Development?
  • Developing new and improved products is a source of inspiration for our teams. Hence, we work in the diversified industry verticals for developing a product from scratch. Our business model is based on product design and it really helps us to expand our manufacturing base.
I Am New To The Field Of Product Development. How Can You Help Me?
  • Mostly, we are working with the extremely innovative people working on their first product development project. We provide a comprehensive design service and offer our expertise at every phase of manufacturing. We maintain absolute transparency in our operations and engage the clients throughout the development process. The process of working with our experts is simple and customer-centric. You can put across all your ideas, worries, and problems. We’ll solve them instantly.
When Should I Call You?
  • Apart from the typical business hours, you can call us anytime of the day because a wonderful idea should be discussed as and when it comes to your mind.
Can I Call You For A Free Consultation?
  • Certainly, we offer a free consultation session to discuss the invention in detail and answer all your queries as well. We are always happy to share our knowledge with you.
Do You Work Only With Locally-Based Clients?
  • In this digitally connected world, geographical distances do not matter. Hence, we can communicate through video conferencing, emails, and phone for discussing the project in detail. However, face-to-face interactions are always helpful for the complex processes.
How Long Does It Take To Complete This Process?
  • While designing and manufacturing a new product, there are many complexities and challenges to be answered. Hence, the timeline of every project is different. We divide this entire process into various phases and every stage needs a different timeframe for its successful completion. It may take a few weeks or an entire year. Hence, it is hard to predefine the timeline without getting to know the details of your project. We can discuss the completion deadlines in the first meeting.
How Much Will It Cost To Manufacture a Product?
  • It is again very hard to tell unless we know and understand your project. After the initial discussion, we can quote an estimated cost based on our experience in the industry.
Is It Possible To Review The Design During The Development Phase?
  • Yes, it is. We provide an advanced software program to view the 3d model developed by our experts. This software allows the users to rotate, zoom, or hide any part of the model. You can view the 3D models easily with this program. In case if you want to avoid all these hassles, simply visit our office and review the design with a brewing cup of coffee.
Will You Provide 3D CAD Models For My Project Upon Its Completion?
  • On completion of each phase, we provide an updated 3D CAD model of the design or physical prototype of the product. In fact, CAD has become a necessary element of modern manufacturing industry. Using this model or prototype, the manufacturing unit can simply deliver the quantities of end product required by the clients.
What Are CAD Drawings And Models?
  • CAD is the acronym for Computer-Aided Design. It uses computers to create a 3D model of an idea or concept. This specialized software system helps in creating the functional design and tests its features. It also facilitates in testing some parts of a product for review and redesign.
Do I also need CAD Drawings? Can You Do This?
  • This is the primary step when designing a new product. It helps in creating a functional design in the computer before investing in physical production. You’ll need CAD at every step of manufacturing cycle. From prototyping to packaging and final selling, it will be needed during every phase. We can create CAD designs for you with our in-house capability.
Can I Make CAD Drawings Myself?
  • There are many free CAD software programs that you can download from the internet. But, they have limited capabilities. Even for the basic features, you’ll be required to buy the software. Remember, the high-end software programs are extremely pricey. The training courses offered by the third-party training providers or resellers are essential to learning the specifics of this software. Most importantly, you’ll need a high-processing computer workstation installed with a graphic card and other hardware. It takes nearly 1-2 years to complete the CAD training and learn its techniques. If you have ample time in your hands, you must definitely learn CAD design because it offers wonderful opportunities to create a design. However, if you need to design your product in a jiffy, call our experts. Also when creating the CAD of a new invention one needs to have knowledge in the manufacturing process, to create the new product in such a way that later would be machinable.
Can I Get CAD Drawings From Somewhere Else?
  • Of course, you can. We are always willing to help you with your idea using the best of our ability.
How 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, and Rapid Prototyping Related?
  • This is an evolving technology known by different names. Additive Manufacturing is a comprehensive term that encompasses a host of processes that build a product layer by layer. Each process builds a cross-sectional layer of a product component on the platform. Then, a subsequent layer is added to this previous layer and so on. It is similar to deli-slicing of the process digitally to the CAD file. 3D printing is a subset for this process functional on low-priced desktop machines.
What is 3D Printing?
  • It is the process of creating a three-dimensional solid object of any shape using the CAD software. A 3D printer can build the exact sized working model of your design idea for physical testing and presentation to the investors.
Should I Bring My Idea as a Paper Sketch or a Handmade Prototype?
  • You can bring it anyways. We can use your inputs, understand your idea, and create the design accordingly. But it is not necessary we will help you by creating concept sketches with the help of our talented inductrial designers.
Can You Help in Marketing of My Product?
  • Not actually because we are not marketers. Preferably, the marketing should be done by specialized agencies possessing ample experience in this field. However, we can provide the links that we have. We could also assist you in your marketing materials such as creating a sales sheet, a brochure about your new invention, a website demonstrating your idea and even a video for your crowdfunding campaign.
Can You Guarantee The Success Of My Product?
  • No, we can’t. We can only assure you to complete your project as per your expectations using our expertise. The success relies on many other factors as wel, mainly yourself and your ability to push the product into the marketplace
Can You Work with Electronic Components in the Products?
  • We can assist in developing high-end electronics designs and PCB using our electronics engineer. usually, we can provide a basic prototype using standard electronic functions. have partnerships with the specialized companies offering electronics manufacturing and development services for a variety of products. And, we are always happy to collaborate with your electrical teams on your project.
How Can You Help In Manufacturing My Product?
  • We can help you in selecting the appropriate production method based on your requirements, budget, and sales expectations. Also, we can manage this manufacturing process so that you can focus on marketing and advertising initiatives.
What About the Ownership of Intellectual Property Created in this Process?
  • You came up with the idea. So, the ownership of Intellectual Property is completely yours. We function on a ‘work for hire’ model. Even for the designs created by our teams during the product development stage, the intellectual property ownership will be passed on to you. We have this point clearly cited in the agreement as well.
If I Don’t Like The Work, What Should I Do?
  • We prefer working on the principles of design, test, and redesign. Whenever we show you a design or a rough prototype, you can instantly make a list of the features and functionalities that you like or dislike. This is the part of our designing process and we are ready to make adjustments according to your requirements. Each design model will be finalized upon your consent and only then, we will move ahead to the next stage only once you approve.