When you have a brilliant idea to innovate, you need a prototype that serves as its workable sample. Design and Manufacturing specialize in building an exact match for your invention idea. We offer comprehensive services that include prototyping process for creating tangible samples. You can test these samples for their anticipated performance and efficiency.

How to Make an Invention Prototype?

Our process of invention prototype building offers a multi-dimensional model of your innovative idea. At Design and Manufacturing, our builders work in tandem with designers to ensure accuracy in design and functionality of a sample. The process followed at our facility includes these steps:

Share the basic details of your idea along with a sketch of the same. It should contain information like dimensions, appearance, and shape of the prototype to be created.

Using this information, we will create a professional drawing for your review and approval. It helps in making necessary changes and expediting the process.

Upon your approval, our experts will build a 3D CAD drawing which will work as your digital blueprint.

Finally, we convert your idea into a prototype that can be used for invention manufacturing. This model can be built in various sizes and can include varied features as per your requirements.

At Design and Manufacturing, we always strive to collaborate with the innovators and entrepreneurs who have an exceptional idea but they can’t visualize it clearly. With our expertise and years of experience, we can turn your idea into a life-like model that you can use for the next stages of designing and production. Moreover, the Rapid 3D prototyping process will replicate the features and appearance of your design in a cost-effective pricing.

So, if you are looking to know how to manufacture an invention, call our experts today for our highly specialized invention prototyping services.

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