• March 5, 2012
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When you invent something, there are lots of people who look at it as if they would steal the product. There are many cases, where it has been found that a person with all his consuming passion develops something, but a bit of his carelessness leads to loss of his invention, when someone else steals the product and takes all the credit for that invention. Seeing the increase in the number of such issues, it is always expected from the people to prevent their original creation from being stolen. If you have invented something, don’t publicise before you obtain a patent right for the same.

A patent is what provides protection to your invention, thereby ensuring protection to the hard work that you did to develop it. There are several companies around the globe that ensure protection of your idea before it enters into the market. Based on the nature of the idea of your invention, the types of patents differ. What type of invention you want to make is the factor that determines which type of patent you need to apply for. Some of the types of patents offered by the companies include the following:

Utility Patent: It is a type of patent that is used for protecting the functional aspect of any invention. It is not concerned with the protection of the shape and structure but its practical use.

Design Patent: Unlike, utility patents, design patents are important for the inventors as it prevents the design of any product from being stolen.

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