• April 18, 2017
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A prototype can be described as ‘an original model on which something is patterned.’ A prototype is a working model of a sample that has been created to check the functionality of the final product. A prototype can be manufactured before a large as well as small -volume of production requirement. In other cases, prototyping can be carried out for a single model requirement.

How do you manufacture a prototype? There are many ways to do this, which way you will depend on the amount of time, effort and money you are willing to spend. One common and free way to make a prototype is by using Google Sketch-up.

This software is easily downloadable and allows you to make 3D models. Sketch-up is used for anything from architectural designs to designing video games.What is great about this free software is that it will only take a week or two before you can design complex models. How intricate your invention is will determine how much time you will have to spend learning the program. There are plenty of guides besides the free guide that comes with the software that will help you become a master.

Being able to use software like this and create prototypes of your invention will phenomenally help you in the invention process.Another way to make prototypes is by using hand mold-able plastics. A common plastic called Poly morph can be melted in boiling water and then molded into any shape. You may want to make molds first and then add other materials in the mold to make shapes more accurately.

There is clay called Fimo, which is commonly made to make molds, is cheap and easy to work with. 3D printing is another amazing way to make prototypes of your invention. A 3D printer can take designs and blueprints from the computer and make a physical 3d replica using various plastics and metals. To 3D print, you need to be able to design your invention in software that is compatible with 3D printers. Sketch-up, the software we talked about earlier is compatible, however, based on your invention you may want to use different software or hire a professional who owns a 3D printer.

The next way on how to manufacture a prototype is by the use parts of already existing products and visiting your local hardware store. This may not seem like a very fancy way to design something but it is cost effective, and a lot of inventions were made this way. Things such as plastic pipes, wood, and pieces of metal can be put together and adjusted to make your invention.

Obviously, if your invention is complex, you should stick to methods such as 3D printing.The above mentioned methods are just some of the common ways to make a prototype of your invention. Having a prototype will allow you to either show your product to companies you think will be interested licensing to, so they can create and sell your product while giving you a revenue to cut you happy with or help you find a manufacturer who is capable and trustworthy and will design your invention.

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