• March 5, 2012
  • Posted By: admin

Creating prototypes for any product is always preferred before the actual product comes into the market. This is because once the prototype is used by the users, the manufacturers get an idea of whether the product will be useful or there is any modification required to be done. This process of taking feedback using the prototypes is referred as prototyping. There are lots of methods using which the process of prototyping could be made effective. The prototyping model, therefore, must be selected carefully to examine the usefulness of the products efficiently.

Well the advancement of technology has led to emergence of several advanced tools that makes leading daily lives easier for the people. Rapid prototyping is the advanced method that is used by the experts for testing the utility of any product’s prototype. It is technically defined as a group of techniques that is used to fabricate a scale model by using the CAD data. It provides for a three dimensional view to the users that enables them to be aware of the clear picture and nature of the product. There are several differences between normal prototyping and rapid prototyping. Some of the reasons that make it mandatory for the people to implement RP techniques are as follows:

– With the help of this technology, the communication process is enhanced to a great extent.
– This method of prototyping decreases the development time.
– Even a small mistake in the production methods becomes a big blunder in case of the inventions. The Rapid Prototyping enables the individuals to avoid costly mistakes.
– It reduces the engineering changes that sustain.
– The durability of the product is enhanced through rapid prototyping by increasing necessary features and discarding redundancy in the product design.