• March 8, 2012
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Designing a product is a very important aspect of any company. Only through the design, it can be made sure that the usability of the product is assured to the utmost extent. Industrial designing is defined as the combination of several types of designing that includes designing furniture to designing a gadget.

There are several stages that are involved in the process of industrial design.

– The first step is the brief stage. This is the beginning of the industrial designing process. In this stage, the professionals meet the clients and try to get an appropriate understanding of what they actually want from them. Once the prerequisites are clear, they start working on the project.
– The next step is where the professionals do a thorough research. This is known as the market research stage. Here the professionals conduct relevant surveys and obtain as much information on the techniques to fulfil the client requirement a possible.
– The third step of preparing an industrial design is concerned with concept designing stage. This is where the designers produce a basic design of a product based on their concept. They wait for the approval of the same and then begin the actual production procedure.
– The next step of the design refinement stage. As soon as the concept design is complete and the feedback from the clients, engineers, accountants is obtained, the designers refine the design by improving them. From the appearance to functionality, everything is refined and then produced finally.
– As soon as the final design is approved, the next stage is the production stage. After this, the product is ready for market sale.

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